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[Honda Tuning] Autumn Speed Festival 2018

There are very few occasions in life that bring people from vastly differing backgrounds and personalities together in one place at the same time. And even fewer instances where people genuinely enjoy each other's company. Even rarer is an opportunity that initiates fierce competition and rivalry amongst friends and strangers, yet allows all parties involved to remain cordial and grateful of a stranger's company, story, passions, and their genuine excitement for meeting someone like-minded (or not).

Muscle Cup Rd 4 - Big Willow

Another solid American Muscle Cup round locked in and successfully executed at Big Willow, and with a continued increase in driver turnout, this series is sure to be placed in the history books. With that said, competition was closer than ever this time around, with some of the "newer" drivers itching closer and closer towards the times that many of the veterans were laying down.

Vtec Club Round 5: Twilight Part 1/2

Some of the fastest and dare i say it, ballsiest, drivers came out to play during the August 19, 2017, Vtec Club USA round 5 Twilight event, and it was definitely another night event for the books. Starting at 4 pm sharp, advanced drivers all the way down to the beginner class began putting down their hot laps before the sunlight would completely vanish under the desert sky.

FIT To Race

Honestly, who wouldn't love watching a pack of extra small "mini-vans" ripping it out on a time attack battle! When i got invited to an event named "Fit and Friends" and realized it was basically a group of Honda Fit driver's out racing, i was all over it, and boy i'm glad i attended. let's say it was a private event, although it was really an open track day hosted by Extreme Speed, because it sounds more exclusive and official. However, it's a group effort between friend's that wanted to race together with their Fits, and in my opinion, it was a huge success.