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Vtec Club 2017 Season Kickoff

It is Sunday, March 26th in beautiful Rosamond California, and the official kickoff day for Vtec Club USA’s 2017 season. The all-Honda time attack event that is known to bring FUN track days wherever they go, and trust me, they always deliver the FUN. As a Vtec Club participant for nearly a full year, and the newly appointed photographer for the 2017 season, I can thoughtfully say that there is no other event like this one. With a completely sold out round one, the air was filled with excitement and the feeling of an inevitable good-time was something no one could help but feel.

Spoon-fed Global Time Attack

If you're a Honda enthusiast, or an all-around motorsports enthusiast, then you know about Spoon Sports and the legend behind its legacy, Mr. Ichishima-san! His unique vision and unrivaled presence in the Honda and racing community is unparalleled, and when i heard he would be visiting from Japan to the United States, i had to take the opportunity to meet and see the legend for myself