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MotoIQ - Global Time Attack Round 2: Buttonwillow Raceway Park


From completely stock Ford Mustangs and lightly modified Subaru BRZs, to the heavily modified unlimited class where one could stumble upon a J35A1 swapped Honda Civic Coupe built specifically for the circuit, a plethora of different types of cars can be found at any Global Time Attack event. Yes, you read it correctly, a stout V6 Honda Odyssey motor- in a Civic! This is the series where not only the world’s fastest and most dedicated drivers come to play, but a series where an enthusiast can find some of the most creative tuners in the industry. With this in mind, welcome to Global Time Attack! Let’s get started.

Super Lap Battle 2016 Part 2 of 2

I wish i had more to write for everyone, but i'll be honest, this was my first Super Lap Battle event that i have personally attended. Therefore, i was there as an enthusiast / fan and i was soaking in the moment. Listening to all the built motors rumble, watching the time attack beasts flying by, and searching for small and neat details in each and every automotive masterpiece that we call track toys (war machines if you're a geek like me).

Super Lap Battle 2016 Part 1 of 2

Yup, i'm going to say it, it's better late than never. Photography and blogging is not a job but a hobby, so there's times when i can't get to a set of photos to rush out for the next blog. Subsequently, i realized i wouldn't and shouldn't rush out posts. Why? Well, i am and will forever be my own colossal criticizer across the board. I always look for imperfections within "perfectly exceptional" work.