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[Honda Tuning] Autumn Speed Festival 2018

There are very few occasions in life that bring people from vastly differing backgrounds and personalities together in one place at the same time. And even fewer instances where people genuinely enjoy each other's company. Even rarer is an opportunity that initiates fierce competition and rivalry amongst friends and strangers, yet allows all parties involved to remain cordial and grateful of a stranger's company, story, passions, and their genuine excitement for meeting someone like-minded (or not).

Honda Tuning: VTEC Club rd. 3 - CCW13

VTEC Club does not disappoint. At the beginning of this season, we praised their 2018 schedule for being a little shorter (a welcomed gesture for drivers needing a break between rounds to repair their cars and bank accounts) but a whole lot more interesting. Now three events into their five-event 2018 season, that observation continues to prove true.

Super Street - Vtec Club 2017, Rd. 2

On April 8th, Chuckwalla Valley Raceway hosted the second round of exciting VTEC Club action for 2017. Though further from Los Angeles than most other Southern California tracks and lacking in local accommodations (the nearest hotel is 50 miles away), 47 competitors attended the event. Many drivers chose to drive to the track the night before, braving Friday evening traffic - arriving around 11:00PM, just in time for dinner. In typical VTEC Club fashion, a barbeque greeted the tired pilgrims who made the trek out into the dessert in search of freedom from their 9-to-5 jobs.