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Natural Progression | VTEC CLUB x NDF Attack Challenge

The axiom that Vtec Club USA is growing and naturally progressing to something truly fascinating is irrefutable. So much so that looking into the series from the ‘outside’, we can clearly see that things have mushroomed into an enormous spectacle. Even to the point that our friends from other parts of the world have begun planning trips around Vtec Club events, and all this is clearly a good phenomenon. An absolutely amazingly-good phenomenon to be exact. Realistically though, the idea of elevating a grassroots series to something that is revered worldwide is a facade that multiple event organizers strive for. A facet that only a small percentage of organizers have been able to scratch, and even fewer of those that have actually been able to ascend past the metaphorical glass ceiling. Stories of a small group of friends brought together by one passion…

This is Chuckwalla 2018

This is the one that many of you have been patiently waiting for, and I would like to say, thank you so much for your patience! I already knew I was going to have to push this coverage in the backburner to handle some “more important” aspects of my life, but knowing this, I decided to take my time with this event. How much time?

Super Street - Vtec Club 2017, Rd. 2

On April 8th, Chuckwalla Valley Raceway hosted the second round of exciting VTEC Club action for 2017. Though further from Los Angeles than most other Southern California tracks and lacking in local accommodations (the nearest hotel is 50 miles away), 47 competitors attended the event. Many drivers chose to drive to the track the night before, braving Friday evening traffic - arriving around 11:00PM, just in time for dinner. In typical VTEC Club fashion, a barbeque greeted the tired pilgrims who made the trek out into the dessert in search of freedom from their 9-to-5 jobs.