All in Vehicle Showcase

The Narita Dogfight Vicious Coupe

This past week i had the opportunity to pick-up a carbon window delete for my personal coupe from the man behind one of the most unique automotive media site in the world, Narita Dogfight's, Sean Lucas. As many already know, NDF is really the only outlet that bridges information about Japanese time attack cars to the U.S. on a consistent basis, and

Spoon-fed Global Time Attack

If you're a Honda enthusiast, or an all-around motorsports enthusiast, then you know about Spoon Sports and the legend behind its legacy, Mr. Ichishima-san! His unique vision and unrivaled presence in the Honda and racing community is unparalleled, and when i heard he would be visiting from Japan to the United States, i had to take the opportunity to meet and see the legend for myself