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Super D North West Trials - Part 1

always knew about events like Super D and a few of the guys that drove events like these. It’s always been something i wanted to be apart of, but never really participated in. Until earlier this past July when I impulsively messaged Super D on Instagram. Knowing that drift team Animal Style was apart of this event, and the fact that it was going to be tucked away in the gorgeous Spirit Peaks Raceway in the southern part of Washington, it was something i had to experience.

Natural Progression | VTEC CLUB x NDF Attack Challenge

The axiom that Vtec Club USA is growing and naturally progressing to something truly fascinating is irrefutable. So much so that looking into the series from the ‘outside’, we can clearly see that things have mushroomed into an enormous spectacle. Even to the point that our friends from other parts of the world have begun planning trips around Vtec Club events, and all this is clearly a good phenomenon. An absolutely amazingly-good phenomenon to be exact. Realistically though, the idea of elevating a grassroots series to something that is revered worldwide is a facade that multiple event organizers strive for. A facet that only a small percentage of organizers have been able to scratch, and even fewer of those that have actually been able to ascend past the metaphorical glass ceiling. Stories of a small group of friends brought together by one passion…

IMSA // Team eEuroparts

I land in Florida after absolutely no sleep the day before my 7:30am flight, and I have to say, I really wish I would have slept at least an hour. But then again, how could anyone sleep knowing their going to be part of a huge opportunity, and maybe be a small ink drop in history? On top of that, my phone literally went “poof” and my Iphone completely died a few hours before my flight. Needless to say, it was going to be a long night... Thankfully, a friend lent me his backup phone before I left. He really saved me from extra strain. Thank you.

The Drift League Rd 2

The Drift League Round 2 hosted by MotoIQ is a Formula Drift sanctioned Pro-Am competition, and it's an event that does not disappoint. Like many sanctioned Pro-Am series, the top three point holders at the end of the four event season gets awarded a Formula D Pro 2 drift license, and from my personal observation, the opportunity to go "pro" brings out some of the best from California locals to surrounding states.

Muscle Cup Rd 4 - Big Willow

Another solid American Muscle Cup round locked in and successfully executed at Big Willow, and with a continued increase in driver turnout, this series is sure to be placed in the history books. With that said, competition was closer than ever this time around, with some of the "newer" drivers itching closer and closer towards the times that many of the veterans were laying down.