Sudden Visit - Garage Work // Chiba

Sudden Visit - Garage Work // Chiba


I received a last-minute message from Sean (Narita Dogfight) early Thursday morning while I was browsing through what was left of the famed Tsukiji fish market located within central Tokyo (now mostly relocated to Toyosu Market). He asked me if I wanted to check out Chiba Prefecture and generally just hangout, and obviously I said yes. Plus, my ankles had been killing me from exploring all of Tokyo the days prior, so the idea of riding around in a car for a day was a pleasant thought. Therefore, I began shoveling down the sushi I had obtained for an early lunch, bought the most expensive strawberries I’ve ever bought at around 4,000 JPY, power walked to the nearest train station, and was picked up in the coolest soccer mom van by ‘Sean-san’ at another train station outside of busy Tokyo. From here I assumed we were going to check on the JDMyard team that was being housed and prepped over at Xpoint Import Japan, but to my surprise we made an unplanned visit to one of the most unique garages in Chiba - Garage Work. At this point I was completely unprepared and hit with disbelief. I had told Sean earlier that it would be cool to visit Garage Work, but figured we wouldn’t have time. Next thing I knew Kubo-sama walks out to the front of the shop and I grab the strawberries that was originally for Sean, and hand them over to Kubo as a gift, haha. During this awkward transaction, I introduced myself in Japanese while completely pronouncing everything incorrectly. Thankfully Kubo understood and Sean corrected my mistakes, so everything kind of worked out. A few moments later, I was given permission to roam around the shop and pretty much photograph everything except one secret project, so I did just that.


Kubo-sama and Sean most likely having a conversation about my strawberries and horrible Japanese, haha. gw-1 The first thing that caught my eye was Kubo's gorgeous EG6 sitting in front of the shop. gw-2 His massive 18x10 Work CR-Kai's in GT Silver wrapped with what i assume to be his roller Kumho Ecstas. Unsuprisingly the fitment and craftsmanship throughout the car was pretty much perfect. gw-3



Next was this rad EK that i believe is owned by their friend and customer. gw-6










One of Iwata-sama and Kubo-sama's customer car. gw-15




I proceeded upstairs to look at their workspace. At first glance it seemed like a chaotic mess, but everything was neatly organized and looked like how a Garage Work workspace would look like. gw-25










Last but not least is 'The Vanguard of FF' that we've all seen and read about on NDF. gw-19




I'm not sure why i took this photo haha, but i would assume because the fitment throughout the car was just insanely precise. Something i had to record. gw-23

Unfortunately this was a quick visit as we had to be elsewhere and because of my amateur mistakes, i completely forgot to take detailed photos of every thing i saw. I suppose i was too busy trying to take in the experience in a short amount of time that i just neglected the basics of photography. Something i did pretty much throughout my trip, haha. I guess that’s what happens when you dive into something this beautifully insane without being prepared. Anyway, thank you Kubo for your generosity as well as Iwata-sama for being so cool with me running around everywhere.


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