Vtec Club 2017 Season Kickoff

Vtec Club 2017 Season Kickoff

It is Sunday, March 26th in beautiful Rosamond California, and the official kickoff day for Vtec Club USA’s 2017 season. The all-Honda time attack event that is known to bring FUN track days wherever they go, and trust me, they always deliver the FUN. As a Vtec Club participant for nearly a full year, and the newly appointed photographer for the 2017 season, I can thoughtfully say that there is no other event like this one. With a completely sold out round one, the air was filled with excitement and the feeling of an inevitable good-time was something no one could help but feel. This is the only place where new and veteran drivers push for the podiums, but there’s no sense of stress or secrecy. Possibly because Vtec Club has always prioritized fun and driver camaraderie above all else, and you can definitely see and feel it among everyone. Competitive, yes of course, but always fun and relaxed. If you participate in Vtec Club and leave feeling stressed or bummed out for not being the fastest in class, then you haven’t experienced the event for what it’s really all about. An adrenaline filled fun-day among great like-minded enthusiasts from all walks of life, where friendships are forever forged from battle, and memories unlike any other are formed.

Vtec Club USA brings out some of the best Honda powered platforms to the time attack grid, but it's not always the cars that leave a lasting memory. Friendship and driver camaraderie though, is a different story.

7:00 AM sharp. Driver registration is now open, and the line goes out the door and around the building. So patient!

Roughly 7:30 AM and the seasoned veterans have their quick driver and safety meeting. These are normally the fastest and nicest guys and gals found within Vtec Club. If their not putting down a hot lap, then you can usually spot these OG’s sharing pointers to anyone seeking some knowledge, or giving some ride-a-longs for the more daring of learners

A Vtec Club regular, Tyler Colgett (@tpcolgett) swapping out his daily tires with his designated track wheel and tire combo before session one. He loves to keep things lively and never gets too serious or stressed out. Example, he had a transmission issue by the end of the day, could not drive home, and AAA would not cover roughly 80 miles. Tyler’s reaction, “it’s alright, it happens.” Thankfully, another Vtec Club regular, Rocco Bladeordie (@rollerboots666), strapped Tyler’s fit to his own fit and towed him home. Illegal, most definitely, but a good friend does not let another friend fork out $5-$15 per mile until AAA is within coverage distance.

Seeing a “show car” worthy S2000 is never anything out of the ordinary, and James’ (@rainbow_s2000) show car puts down solid times at every circuit he attends.

Having a fully gutted, built from the ground up track monster is definitely fun, but tracking a stock EF is definitely more fun! Danny Moon (@moonpieeeeee) fearlessly racing his completely stock single cam to full tilt, literally. Look at the body roll! Definitely a beast.

But in all seriousness; bring a healthy Honda powered vehicle with fresh brakes, fluids, tires, with a safe stock seat and seat belt and you’ll be ready to have a blast.

Henry’s (@heavensfinalwar) track toy. One of my favorite sedans to hit Streets of Willow.

Angelo Marasigan (@gelo_18) hit a new personal best and hit second place in Group A2 with a solid time of 1:24.844. Which i believe is his first podium finish in Vtec Club with more to come! The seat time and practice definitely paid off.

8:00 AM. Session one drivers for Group N2 getting ready to lay down some heat. Jose Meija (@type_r_jose) of Team Chewerks laid down a blazing fast 1:26.3 which earned him a first place finish.

Speaking of blazing fast, Robert Choo’s (@chewerks) Group N1 GSR hatch is a competition vehicle to keep an eye out for. All function and all business.

Two of some of the best individuals, Alan Jaquias or AJ (Left @relentlessracing) and David Ishida (Right @daveishi) swapping kind words after their first session of the day. Regulars at both Vtec Club and Redline Time Attack, these two S2000 drivers are always helping new drivers tap into their unreleased driving potentials.

Remember how Vtec Club is all about having fun? Good! Duane Bada (Center @duanebada) as well as Kristian Wong (Left @studytuned) are some of the main guys behind Vtec Club and they always thrive to give everyone a fun experience. Don’t mind Danny Moon’s (@moonpieeeeee) feet. We were thrown in the trunk of a 90’s Honda CRV to be taken around the track, and my back still hurts a little… worth it!

One of Kristian’s (@studytuned) track toy that is well-known for it’s single cam D-Series motor swap into his DC2 Integra. Yup, a single jingle in a DC2. Also, Devyn Bandonillo (@heydevyn) brought his wild 8th generation Civic to play.

Little fact you’ll learn about me, I love taking pictures of clean helmets and also love collecting steering wheels and shift knobs. Nothing mind-blowing, but expect at least one helmet photo every now and then.

Ryan Constantino’s (@ryan_spilner) very cool, Advan livery inspired, EF Hatch. Always makes a trip down from San Diego to race in Group N2 as well as lending his time to help with pre-grid.

Another San Diego resident, Melvin Rodriguez (@melvinrdrgz) brings his very clean, daily driven sedan to play at every event. Marine, family man, and a dedicated circuit driver. If he’s not chasing his next personal best time, he’s helping with pre-grid alongside Ryan, or offering tips and tricks to new and seasoned drivers alike.

Yes it’s true. In a sea of Honda powered vehicles from classic EFs, EGs, Type-Rs, and to the more exotic Honda powered Ariel Atoms and K-swapped Nobles, the clean and simple track cars tend to stick out the most.

Jose Meija (@type_r_jose) setting the pace for the N2 Class.

Alan Jaquias (@relentlessracing) hitting a very respectable 1:27.196 in his meticulously clean S2K. Side note, his car always smells like a brand new car that was driven right off the dealer lot. No joke.

Julie Yeh’s (@jooolieyeh) EF hatch came out to play and to do some data collecting for further suspension tuning. This was piloted later by Duane (duanebada) , which hit a 1:29.5 for a solid second place in N2. Second place during a shakedown, niicee.

Devyn Bandonillo (@heydevyn) is considered to be one of the leading names in the “Itasha” style movement in the United States. Itasha, literally translated to “painful car” is a style where one dresses their vehicle based on anime or manga characters. Because looking cool in your race car is just as important as going fast in your race car!

Julie Yeh (@jooolieyeh) and Arthur Lurley (@b4xy) proving that lightweight with good suspension tuning goes a long way. It’s not always about power!

Arthur (@b4xy) attacking turn 11 right after the chicane of Streets of Willow clockwise.

Even hybrids can play! The ZF1, or commonly known as the CRZ can surprisingly put down some decent times! Must be fun to hit the “boost” button on later model Zs when on the attack!

Bruce Simpson hitting 1:25.184 which is good for 1st place finish in group A. As well as Clement Kwong (@clement_kwong) with a 1.24.753 to take 2nd place in Group N. Also, keep an eye out for Clement. Although one of the youngest drivers in Vtec Club, he’s also one of the fastest! Taking home 1st place at Honeywell Garrett’s Boost Fest 2017, he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Robert Choo’s (@chewerks) Group N1 EG hatch flying through turn 4. Piloted by the talented Jason Kim (@jkim3188), the Chewerks hatch set a class record at 1:25.437. Setting the standard high for the newly formed N1 Class for 2017.

Zenia Amezquita (@zenia_amezquita) brought out her F22 swapped AE86 to play with the S2000s. From my understanding, this is primarily a competitive drift car, so seeing a 2nd place time of 1:28.327 for Group A just goes to show how vital a driver’s experience alongside their build can be.

Master Melvin R. (@melvinrdrgz) calling it a day by taking on an eager Padawan to learn a few new tricks! The force is strong with this one.

Remember the real MVP that helped another Honda Fit racer out of a sticky situation? Rocco B. (@rollerboots666) three-wheeling after the chicane, because he was definitely the MVP this day.

Finals results for each group

Trophies, Battlecraft rewards, and beer.

Group N2: 1st place with 1:26.386 is Jose M. in his DC2 Integra accepted by teammate and friend, AJ. 2nd place with 1:29.513 is Duane B. in an EF hatch, and 3rd goes to Kristian W. with a 1:29.918 also in a DC2 Integra.

Group N1: 1st place with a class record setting 1:25.437 is Chewerk’s EG Hatch, piloted by Jason K, and award accepted again by teammate and friend, AJ. 2nd and 3rd place goes to Brian S. and Michael C. with a very solid 1:26.486 and 1:26.636.

Group N: Sean M. at 1st place setting a class record, and possibly the fastest non-aero, street tire, S2K time of 1:22.535. Amazing! 2nd place goes to the very talented Clement K. with a solid 1:24.753 and AJ with also a solid 1:27.196.

Group A2: 1st place with a 1:24.193 in a S2000 goes to Brandon C. 2nd to one of the few Civics able to hang in top five for A2 is Angelo M. with 1.24:844, and Attila A. with a time of 1:27.390 in a S2000, award accepted by Bruce Simpson.

Group A: 1st place Bruce S., S2000 with a 1:25.184. 2nd to Zenia A., F-swapped corolla with 1:28:327. 3rd to Amir B. in a DC2 Integra with a time of 1:32.363.

Lastly, the real winner of Vtec Club USA’s round 1 season kickoff.

Because if you didn’t leave smiling, then you didn’t do Vtec Club correctly.

Super Street - Vtec Club 2017, Rd. 2

Super Street - Vtec Club 2017, Rd. 2

VtecClub-USA - Vtec Club 2017 Season, Round 1

VtecClub-USA - Vtec Club 2017 Season, Round 1