Super Lap Battle 2016 Part 2 of 2

I wish i had more to write for everyone, but i'll be honest, this was my first Super Lap Battle event that i have personally attended. Therefore, i was there as an enthusiast / fan and i was soaking in the moment. Listening to all the built motors rumble, watching the time attack beasts flying by, and searching for small and neat details in each and every automotive masterpiece that we call track toys (war machines if you're a geek like me). Let's just say, by the end of Day 2 at Buttonwillow, Global Time Attack Super Lap Battle, i fell in-love with racing again, even though the fire was never gone! If anything, someone threw "fuel to the fire" and i was ready to start wrenching on my own battle mobile.

I believe if you're a motorsport fanatic, particularly racing, then attending one of Global Time Attack's event is a must on the bucket list. Either to compete or spectate, it doesn't really matter. The organization draws-in some of the fastest cars and drivers throughout the United States AND Canada. You'll see everything from small on the budget builds to full blown sponsored machines built specifically to set the fastest time at the track. Like people say, "variety is the spice of life." Similar to your favorite ice cream parlor, there is something special for everyone.

Also, the organizers behind the scene of GTA are some of the most passionate people you could ever meet, as it should be for something like this. Plus, the event ran pretty smooth. Oil spills, car parts on the track, spin-offs, coolant spills, they were on it the second anything happened. Needless to say, the event rarely went off schedule. The organizers, crew, and the media here are top notch!

I can't wait for my next taste of Global Time Attack! It's already a big event in my mind, but i know it's only going to get bigger, better, and faster from here on out.

Link to the photo album at the bottom for more!