Impromptu Visit: TYPE ONE

I was reluctant to visit TYPE ONE on day three of my short visit to Japan. Not because I didn’t want to, but because my ankles were swollen from all the walking in the last 48 hours. Every step was a shock of excruciating pain. To the point that at certain moments I became slightly teary eyed throughout the rest of my Japan journey. I know what you’re thinking

Natural Progression | VTEC CLUB x NDF Attack Challenge

The axiom that Vtec Club USA is growing and naturally progressing to something truly fascinating is irrefutable. So much so that looking into the series from the ‘outside’, we can clearly see that things have mushroomed into an enormous spectacle. Even to the point that our friends from other parts of the world have begun planning trips around Vtec Club events, and all this is clearly a good phenomenon. An absolutely amazingly-good phenomenon to be exact. Realistically though, the idea of elevating a grassroots series to something that is revered worldwide is a facade that multiple event organizers strive for. A facet that only a small percentage of organizers have been able to scratch, and even fewer of those that have actually been able to ascend past the metaphorical glass ceiling. Stories of a small group of friends brought together by one passion…

Sudden Visit - Garage Work // Chiba

I received a last-minute message from Sean early Thursday morning while I was browsing through what was left of the famed Tsukiji fish market located within central Tokyo (now mostly relocated to Toyosu Market). He asked me if I wanted to check out Chiba Prefecture and generally just hangout, and obviously I said yes. Plus, my ankles had been killing me from exploring all of Tokyo the days prior, so the idea of riding around in a car for a day was a pleasant thought. Therefore, I began shoveling down the sushi I had obtained for an early lunch, bought the most expensive strawberries I’ve ever bought at around 4,000 JPY, power walked to the nearest train station, and was picked up in a soccer mom van by ‘Sean-san’ at another train station outside of busy Tokyo. From here I assumed we were going to check on the JDM Yard team that was being housed and prepped over at Xpoint Import Japan, but to my surprise we made an unplanned visit to one of the most unique garages in Chiba, Garage Work.

IMSA // Team eEuroparts

I land in Florida after absolutely no sleep the day before my 7:30am flight, and I have to say, I really wish I would have slept at least an hour. But then again, how could anyone sleep knowing their going to be part of a huge opportunity, and maybe be a small ink drop in history? On top of that, my phone literally went “poof” and my Iphone completely died a few hours before my flight. Needless to say, it was going to be a long night... Thankfully, a friend lent me his backup phone before I left. He really saved me from extra strain. Thank you.

Half Breed - When Two Worlds Collide

There’s no right or wrong as long as you follow your heart and build something unique to you by incorporating your experience, knowledge, time, and of course, your obsession for creativity and the insanity that we all normalize as automotive racing. Naturally, there is always an outlier though. A supposed anomaly that inherently demands everyone’s attention, and many know one of these outliers and his Japanese inspired build under the powerful pseudonym – Narita Dogfight.